Why Mentality Is Either Your Roadblock or Pathway

As a strong believer in positive thinking, I’ve found a really interesting element to golf that inspires me. Golf is a sport that not only allows someone to challenge their physical ability, but also challenge their spatial reasoning and strategic thinking. 

It’s really all about using your mind in a different way. 

Recently, I watched a video that challenged using the phrase “pre-shot routine.” Instead, the video explained that using the term “commitment” is far more positive and can impact your mentality before every shot. 

You’ve probably heard someone say at one point, “Oh, I’m stuck in the same ‘ol routine.” That’s where negativity starts and then continues to fester. 

It’s funny how changing one word, one connotation, will change our mentality. Quite honestly, it will change how successful one can be. Like I said before, I’m a firm believer in positive thinking. These slight changes in how one thinks are really slight changes toward being more positive. 

And, it’s almost a guarantee that positivity fuels success. What are your thoughts like when you’re on the course? How does it affect your game? And, will you begin to call it your “pre-shot commitment?” 

One comment on “Why Mentality Is Either Your Roadblock or Pathway

  • Josh (@golfismental) , Direct link to comment

    How we think on the golf course (and in life) has a HUGE impact on our performance and results. The world is filled with golfers with enough talent to play professionally at the highest level, or even with people that have more talent than those who currently play at the highest level, but the difference is in between the ears.
    Something I did recently was write out affirmations which I read daily. Positive, uplifting ones to help shape the way I think on the golf course, and the way I think about myself as a golfer.
    Good post!

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