Why I Respect Golf’s Style and Sophistication

There is something to be said for sophistication in golf style. Today, it feels as though we are slowly trending toward a world where dressing up is no longer the norm.

This is seen both on the golf course and off. People no longer dress uo to travel on airplanes, shop at the grocery store or even go to church. More relaxed styles are taking over, think Rickie Fowler’s joggers and high tops. But, is this the right way to go?

Golf is deep with tradition. Some of these traditions make the game feel almost holy, while others feel aged. But, is the sophistication of dressing up on the aged side?

Golf is a sport. Sports require functional and forgiving clothing. However, there has never been a need to go fully athletic. Perhaps, the progress in this sport is that it is becoming more athletic.

This change in how golfers dress to play could be a clue into what golf has become and is progressing to. As someone who fully appreciates the style of golf, I am excited to see the fashion progress, but hopefully not for the worst.

I believe there is still some formality needed in this game to keep with tradition. Collared shirts, pants (or nice shorts in the summer) and appropriate golf shoes will always be important for me. The idea of being too comfortable, think workout clothes, almost takes me away from the focus of the game.

Do you agree?

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