Why Golf Isn’t Just for Old People


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Oh, the millennial generation. I love being young right now and feeling empowered by all the “millennial movement” conversation out there. There’s even a whole Twitter chat that’s dedicated to millennials talking about millennial things. 

So what are the sports that all young people talk about? Well, there’s football, basketball (especially March Madness), soccer, and even Crossfit! 

I get it, not every sport is going to be favored by the masses. But, golf is one of those under appreciated sports that so many young people are passing by. 

My story started when I was young. My dad taught himself to golf and became obsessed with it – as most people do. When I was about 5-years-old my dad put me in golf lessons. Nearly 10 years later, after abandoning it completely, I’m now finding myself excited about it every weekend. 

While so many young people look over golf and proclaim they will try it when they’re old, I am one of the ones who is enjoying it and practicing it at a younger age. Here are my reasons why NOW is the time to learn the game, not “when you’re old.”

1. To Perfect It While Your Agile

Golf may be one of those sports that people say you don’t need to be athletic for, but if you’re competitive then this is going to benefit you in the long run. When you’re older, you aren’t as flexible and certainly not as athletic. If you can learn how to get your stroke down at a younger age, then you’ll perfect your game and have more fun later in life. 

2. To Learn How to Be Patient

If you’re a Type-A personality, then you’ll certainly appreciate this aspect of golf. Since I’ve started playing golf again, my whole demeanor has changed. I’ve been able to take my time, be deliberate, and not lose my cool in tough situations. Yes, that even means during rush hour traffic. Golf is slower paced, requires incredible mental strength, and expands your mind. 

3. To Get Outdoors and Enjoy the Sun

There’s nothing more rewarding than spending a day outdoors. Too often, I hit the gym and workout in a dull lit building, which is why I love getting out for a day of golf. It’s peaceful and stress relieving to get out on a golf course. Why wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery until your older? 

Plus, if you’re going to get better at the game and eventually travel to beautiful golf courses around the world, you’ll want your game to be at its best. So, take a lesson from me and start practicing. Golf isn’t just for old people. It’s competitive and can teach you life skills. Don’t pass it up. 

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