When Watching Golf Stops Being Boring

Why Watching Golf on TV is Not Boringvia Unsplash.com

Someone just has to say it every time they enter my home. “Golf is so boring to watch, why would you have it on your TV all the time.” It’s a constant in our home. Since we began golfing, the Golf Channel has been a pretty necessary background noise.  

It’s no surprise that most people find it boring, though. If I can be real for a moment, I actually found it quite boring before I knew how to golf. There was just something that did not click with me the way it clicks now. If more people understood the game, then it would be on televisions all of the time. 

There were just a few quizzical things I couldn’t grasp before exploring it myself. 

Was it the fact that I had trouble keeping my eye on the little white ball after they blasted it? I quickly learned it doesn’t matter if I can’t see it on the screen, I can tell just by watching the golfer if it was a good stroke. This is also a great lesson I learned when on the course. There’s no need to pick your head up and watch the ball fly up. Keep your eye down and focused. 

Was it that the constant transition from one golfer to another gave me no hope of following the game? Well, it became really fun to follow different players and compare how each one plays differently than another. What happens on hole three for one player is completely different than what happens for someone else. It’s a lot slower pace than a basketball or football game, but there is something always going on. 

Was it the fact that I had no  clue what the minuses and the pluses and the numbers all meant when the scores came up? After playing a few times, I finally caught on to what everything means and how it relates to the game. Keeping up with golf scores is actually pretty simple when you have to keep your scores for yourself. 

So, moral of the story is that the more you get to know golf, the more you will have fun watching it on television. There’s so much you can learn just by watching and observing the pros. If you’re a true golf lover, then you know better than to think it’s boring. It’s a great tool to improve your game and it’s a great way to introduce the game to your friends. 

Try sharing it with your friends this weekend during the Memorial. Light up the barbecue, grab a few beers, and settle in for a great weekend of golf. 

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