Top 3 Golf Books for Beginners

When you’re just getting started, there’s a lot going on that can be frustrating to figure out on your own. You probably start with lessons and some tips from your friends or family who are golfers. You start to figure out really quickly that there are many ways to do it and many philosophies about why one way works better than another. 

Avoid getting overly frustrated by remembering that you will find your swing and tempo.  It just takes practice and a lot of instruction. As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re really trying to get serious about your game then you’ll want to brush up on your reading. Here are three books you need to add to your arsenal as soon as possible.

The 5 Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan 


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When one of the greatest golfers in history believes you can break 80, why would you not believe him? That’s what Ben Hogan seeks to do by sharing his fundamental golf instruction through this book. The best part: there are pictures and diagrams to help you follow along and learn. 

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Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Joseph Parent

As you may know by now, my focus tends to be on… well, focus.  My fiancé loves to tell me that 90% of the game is mental and the other 10% is between your ears. Because that’s the truest thing I’ve ever heard, you will definitely want to pick this book up. If you can master the mental game, you’re more than halfway there.  

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf


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Finally, if you really want some golf wisdom dropped on you, then this little treasure is a must-read. Many describe it as inspirational and easy to understand. Harvey Penick has been an instructor for many notable players, so his wisdom is really quite a game-changer.  
Your game is only going to get better if you’re willing to add in the time to read a few books and learn from the masters. Golf is just as much about watching, reading and learning as much as it is about practice. So, don’t forget to also take what you learn in these books out to the course. Putting all of this information to use will be your best attempt at truly grasping the game. Happy reading!  

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