The Man Who Quit His Job to Be a PGA Pro

I read this article in a Southwest Airlines Magazine several months ago. A man, not quite young for starting his golfing career, decided to quit his job and commit to becoming a PGA pro. But, how realistic is this? 

His entire life, claims the article, he has been someone who is very enthusiastic, but not into commitment. He quits everything he starts after just a few tries. Maybe it’s lack of interest. Maybe it’s lack of attention. Whatever the case, golf is one of those sports that takes much more than just 10,000 hours and some commitment. 

He’s using the theory that 10,000 hours of practice will create perfection. Perfection is a stretch, but I’m guessing he’s also getting some high-end lessons along with extra course time. Did I also mention that this man, named Dan by the way, never played golf in his life before making a decision to begin this journey.

Dan is doing the impossible. While the article is more than uplifting, creating a picture of a man who isn’t willing to fail and start from nothing to become great, it’s had some time to sink in with me. I’ve been playing for two years now. That’s quite a bit of time to learn and improve, and while I surely haven’t had 10,000 hours of practice, I have learned that golf isn’t the type of sport you can just learn, practice, and excel at. It’s an art. 

My swing feels like it changes when I don’t get out to the range enough. I feel as though one tiny drop in focus can create a swing-altering habit. I’ve sort of become a pessimist when it comes to Dan’s story because of these nuances. Does Dan truly think he can just pick up golf and become a professional with practice? I know many men who have committed themselves to practicing and learning the golf art and still don’t make the cut for the PGA. 

Part of me wants to see this guy succeed, while the other part of me wants to believe the difference between shooting in the 70s on the weekends with friends and being a PGA player is talent, natural ability, and passion. I’d be amazed if Dan has what it takes to compete with all of those golfers out there who don’t just want to be PGA tour players, it’s their one passion in life. 

Where is Dan now I wonder? Has he done it or will he do it? I’m on a mission to find out! 

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