Tathata 60-Day Training Review: Day 8

The greatest players and athletes portion of the Tathata 60-Day Training  is the  session that is most hyped up from the first day. You’ll hear about it in every session when you first begin and you’ll hear over again –  it’s the moment that really puts the Tathata theory in perspective.

Now, I thought for sure this day would be a little bit of a let down. I didn’t want to get too excited because I figured the hype was just to get you to move through the program. However, the forty minutes or so I spent watching  Bryan walk through the swings of some of the greatest golfers and show examples of some of the greatest athletes was pretty eye opening. 

The athleticism of the swing that Tathata teaches had me convinced that with more training and clean up on some areas that I struggle with, I could shave off the 30 or so strokes  each round that make it difficult to play on the courses I want to visit. I’m not saying this is an overnight success theory, but I certainly think over time and with a lot of hard work, it’s possible.

Have you ever analyzed the greatest golfers? Have you ever really looked at the mechanics of their swing? One point I was really impressed with during this training was the focus on what was happening during the swing with the whole body. Sometimes, it’s easy to completely miss the details about what made the hips, the torso, the arms, the hands do what they were doing, so then assumptions are made about what way the hips were moving or the how shoulders were rotating. It all becomes complicated really fast. 

Simplified: If you see a golfer swing and see that his hips turned in a certain way, it’s probably not because he moved them that way. There was a series of small movements that may have started somewhere else that made it happen this way. Bryan does a great job of breaking down these movements to explain exactly how to achieve the result you want, while staying athletic and strong and making the body move as one. 

So, have you ever considered taking a holistic approach to your golf swing? This is the Tathata way. The breakdown of the movements, the focus on being stable and grounded and the importance placed on flexibility and strength hands down makes this program a really great place for young golfers and newbies to begin.
I will say, for those golfers who have a certain swing they’ve ingrained in their game for years, this will be a whole new start. You really have to be willing to let go of the way you used to do things and embrace a new swing, albeit a strong, athletic one that may work for you if you set your mind to it. 

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