Swing Update

April of this year was around the time I started playing more often. While I haven’t played as much recently, I’m really excited to start monitoring the changes the in my swing and giving updates on my game. I’ve been shooting around 100 for the last two months and I’m lurking very close to breaking that mark. Hopefully in the next few months, I’ll be able to do it.  I know there are several things I need to work on and I’m very open to anyone who has some tips. So bring it on! 

One comment on “Swing Update

  • Brandon , Direct link to comment

    What helped me alot was to try and return the club to the same position every time. Basically I try to maintain the same distance between my hands and my back thigh on my downswing as I do on my backswing. This is the ‘slot’ and if it is a good swing thought to maintain consistency in your swing.

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