Rory McIlroy Shows Fitness Makes for the Best Golf

Being fit is one thing, but being athletic is another. One characteristic of a pro golfer that always impresses me is athleticism and fitness. Tiger Woods was one of the first golfers to make the world awe at his physique and power. Now, Rory McIlroy takes the stage. 

It’s no surprise teenage girls (and really women at any age) melt when they see him. He’s grown not only as a golfer, but as an all around athlete. His dedication to the gym seems like an obsession – one you’d definitely understand from an athlete. 

It’s no surprise Nike touts its brand as both the official Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy sponsor. Woods broke out as an athlete, putting on muscle to improve his game and rise to the top. McIlroy has followed in his footsteps by developing an inspiring fitness routine and becoming the world’s best golfer. 

 Rory recently revealed his Nike training video. If this doesn’t inspire you to hit the gym, I don’t know what will.

I love what McIlroy  is doing here. He’s showing how much fitness is important to his health, his posture, and his swing. “Getting my body in the best shape possible for what I do, which is ultimately to go out there and play golf.” 

For all of the negative criticism that has been thrown at this video, I’d like to counter a couple of points. First, is that before McIlroy started this routine his body was poorly balanced. Exercise, specifically stability workouts, will be the only thing that improves that for anyone. 

Second, McIlroy has always had an out-of-this-world drive at 300+ yards. With a little more muscle tone, he’s not having to swing out of his shoes every time. In fact, this could save him issues in the future. His dedication shows how important it is to be an athlete, not just a golfer. 

Lace up, it’s time to hit the gym. 

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