Golfing with Humor

What do you do when you’re paired with a two-some who is absolutely clueless about golf etiquette? Well, this weekend I golfed at Desert Canyon Golf Club in Fountain Hills, AZ and it was my first encounter with this type of golfer.

I’m used to being the newbie of the group. After only a year and a half of golfing, I’m usually the one who is still asking questions, wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Instead, our round was a little more interesting. 

The younger guy of the two was clearly new to golf, but spoke as if he had years of experience. At least that’s what he intended to make us think. He blamed every miss hit and duff on the yips, which was fine. Then, he started to get sloppy. It wasn’t fine. 

The guy couldn’t even remember what ball he was hitting. It was so bad that at one point he actually claimed the ball my fiance hit next to the green was his. Instead of fighting with him, we just let him hit it. Later, he shanked that same ball into some trees and gave up trying to find it. We found it. And boy was it bittersweet confirming that it was in fact the Titleist ball my fiance was playing. 

Despite this guy’s actions, we decided to just have fun and keep our heads down. Sometimes, you just have to roll with it. Just to avoid blowing up and having a bad round, you need a little humor. Seeing as how we don’t get paired up with guys like this very often, I’ll have some humor this time. 

The Golfer Babe Teeing Off

Teeing off at hole 6. Desert Canyon Golf Club, Fountain Hills, AZ

Desert Canyon Golf Club

Desert Canyon Golf Club, Fountain Hills, AZ

Elevated Tee Box at Desert Canyon Golf Club

Elevated Tee Box at Desert Canyon Golf Club, Fountain Hills, AZ

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    Great attitude and great approach to getting paired up with some clueless golfers. It definitely happens, and will probably happen again. Like you mentioned, so sense letting it ruin your day on the links!

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