“Golf Is Hard” But You Should Stick With It

While warming up Sunday at the golf course, I sparked a conversation with a woman who was seeming to have a “bad day.” As I warmed up, I could hear her behind me saying “good one” and “nice swing.” It was pretty uplifting, to hear her saying that about me in between her curses at her bad shots. 

This woman was still positive enough to comment on my good day despite her struggles. I turned around to her and all she said was, “I guess sometimes you have bad days and sometimes you have good days, but you just have to stick with it.” 

That positivity really excited me. It made me think about how much golf can either be a life-long learning experience or a failed effort. 

I think about golf the same way I think about every other aspect of my life, whether it be relationships, work, or even my fitness routine. It’s a lot of mental pressure. It takes a lot of effort. And, it’s always something I have to work at to get better at. Negativity only brings me down. 

I know that everyday isn’t going to be a good day. That day on the range actually was one of my best days playing golf. But, she could have just as easily caught me on a day when I just plainly was doing terrible. But, it’s the mental strength to continue pressing on when the day isn’t good that really grows you as a person.

She went on to tell me that she learned to play when she was 54! “That’s a little late in time to learn, but I know it’s something I can do for the rest of my life,” she said. Golf really is a beautiful sport in that aspect. It’s a sport that can be fun, challenging, and competitive at any age. 

More importantly, it’s a sport that women should not be afraid to try. Failure is an interesting thing when it comes to golf. There’s so much learning from basics, to strategy, to working a course, that failure in golf is like saying to yourself that you’re not willing to grow or learn anymore.

It’s not an easy sport to get the hang of, but when you stick with it, it’s incredibly rewarding both mentally and physically. Whenever I can find an example, I find the beauty in perseverance.  With an attitude like that woman’s, anything is possible and she will be happy playing the rest of her life. 

I believe that’s what I’ve found in my golf game. Hopefully, I’ll be that woman one day on the range motivating a young woman to stick with it. 

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  • Josh , Direct link to comment

    What a great post! You have a stellar attitude for golf, and your writing is inspiring! Golf is hard for everyone, but the rewards far out weigh the frustrations and setbacks.

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