Gender Issues on the Course

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Let’s start with an anecdote. 

I was practicing my chipping on a beautiful, warm, sunny day in January with a few other people around me. One woman was on my left side and one man on my right. She seemed a little uneasy, as though she was just learning. I certainly was with her on that uneasiness, since my chipping skills aren’t all the best,  yet. But, whatever. She was doing great. Practicing diligently.

She went to practice a  longer pitch and skulled the ball into the man’s path. That’s when all hell broke loose. The man on our right began to shout expletives, not necessarily directed at her, but we all knew what he was thinking. So, she picked up her clubs and walked away. 

This really happened. I stood there in complete shock, looking around at all the people who were at the course that day. It was pretty crowded and yet, no one did a thing. 

This is the kind of situation that bothers me. His outdated way of thinking could have completely discouraged her from coming back. And this is a time when we need to make golf more exciting to get people interested and coming back. 

How is it that we’re still living in a world with gender issues on the course? 

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  • Josh , Direct link to comment

    This is really unfortunate. There are still too many ignorant people out there. I can only hope this didn’t discourage her from coming back. All we can do (especially as writers) is to try and encourage gender equality on the golf course and educate readers.
    Great topic. These instances always hit home with me since my wife is an avid golfer, and we play together regularly. I would lose my mind if somebody disrespected her like that.

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