Equal Pay Day: The PGA vs. The LPGA 

PictureHAVRE DE GRACE, MD – JUNE 06, 2007: Paula Creamer (USA) during practice before 2007 LPGA Championship (Photo by Keith Allison)

Today is Equal Pay Day, which reminds us that despite so many advancements in our society there are still many disparities between women and men. 

My thoughts immediately this morning started running toward comparisons between the LPGA and the PGA. How much more in sponsorships do men make than women? Is there equality in purse? I mean, we’re talking about a sport that has had many controversies with equality since its creation. 

But, this is a conversation about wages. Here are a few interesting facts to think about: 

According to a 2014 TheRichest.com article, Paula Creamer ranked no. 10 among the top 10 highest income earners in women’s sports in 2013. She rakes in $5.5 million a year. Only $1 million from LPGA tour winnings. She was the only golfer who made the list. 

The 2014 Golf Digest Top 50 Money List puts Tiger Woods at the top of the list with a whopping $83 million in total earnings, $12 million which was made on the course. In a sad comparison, the 50th man, Matteo Manassero, made a total of $4.9 million, $1 million on the course. (Paula Creamer was listed as 48th and the only woman on the list.) 

So, is there a disparity? Sure, Tiger is one of the most well-known golfers of all-time, but what is it that’s holding the LPGA back from rising above the top income of $5.5 million?  

    What do you think about the wage gap?

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