Ed Hochuli on Attitude

Ed Hochuli on Attitude

“Where you are in life, you’ve gotten there because of attitude.” – Ed Hochuli, NFL official.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Hochuli give the keynote address at a law school graduation. His speech was interesting, filled with awesome sports clips and famed athlete advice. He didn’t dwell on what it was like to create his own firm in Phoenix and become a successful lawyer. 

No, instead he focused on the passion in sports. His focus was on the ambition and success of some of the greatest athletes. Many got to where they were not because of some God-given talent, but because they worked hard to get there.

His message was simple and brutally honest. “Most people settle for good enough.” He continued to drill into the audience with this message that was tough to swallow, but had so much pure truth. 

Here’s a little reminder, as Mr. Hochuli said, that “good enough is never good enough.”

Sometimes, we just need a little reminder about the difference between good and great. “One thing we do choose is whether we want to succeed or whether we want to fail,” Hochuli said.

Do you put into your work, your golf game, or your other passions what you want out of it? Do you give it everything you have, plus some more? If not, ask yourself what’s holding you back. 

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