Day 5 Tathata Review: Stretching

I just finished off Day 5 of Tathata’s 60-Day  Training Program…again.

This being my second time through Day 5, I thought about it in a different way. The first time, I was very open minded. Having done a lot of yoga around that time, I was flexible and felt pretty strong during the stretching routine. 

Round two has me feeling a little out of shape. I’ve noticed a lot of comments in the Tathata FAQ and got quite a few comments on a Golfwrx thread about Tathata that had to do with this portion of the training. It’s actually not very easy to do these stretches. 

I wouldn’t say they are advanced stretches, but they are certainly poses I have done in yoga classes before and can seem more advanced for golfers who may never have incorporated stretching into their routine before. 

So, as you go into this portion of the training, keep in mind these few tips to get you through. 

1. Take Your Time 
It may feel rushed as your going through the introductions to the stretches and as they play out on screen. Remember, this is an online-course and everyone learns at different paces, plus it’s easy to get distracted when you’re not in front of someone. So, take your time. Pause the video if you need to. Just do it at your pace. 

2. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
It’s easy to look at the screen, see the three people doing the stretch and think it looks easy, but don’t be fooled. These stretches will look easier than they are and you shouldn’t push yourself too hard, especially if you feel pain. Do as much of the stretch as you can and each time the stretching routine comes along, try to go just a little more. Just don’t extend past a comfortable stretch or you’ll really hurt yourself. 

3. Practice Makes Perfect
Stretching is a long-term habit that will become easier as you do it. I recommend you do some of these stretches while you’re watching TV, first thing in the morning and maybe even while you take your lunch break or before you get in your car to go home after a long day at work. Doing the stretches more often, even for only a few minutes, will increase your flexibility. 

Overall, the program is instilling some great habits in me and is helping me understand a lot more to body movement. Stay tuned for the next review, later this week! 

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