An Ode to Golf – My Scotland Golf Submission

Recently, there was a contest to win a trip to Scotland and golf for four days. The giveaway included a complete TaylorMade custom fitting and bag, new adidas apparel and shoes, playing a round with Darren Clark and playing four of Scotland’s best courses. 

I submitted a poem that my fiance and I worked on for a few days. Thought I would post it here for your enjoyment, even if it doesn’t win.

Here’s my Ode to Golf and plea for a trip to Scotland: 

Oh, but a wee time we have been golfing. 
Yet, we’ve become so great! 
We love the game so very much, 
So Scotland, here we come, we can’t wait. 

Loving the game, it doesn’t come easy. 
Sometimes, it makes me feel very queasy. 
We drive, we chip, we putt, we sit, 
Sometimes, it makes us say, “well, shit.” 

But, while we golf we feel transported. 
We go to a world where we couldn’t be thwarted. 
We feel strong, we feel peaceful, confident and wishful, 
Yes, golf makes us feel so very blissful. 

There’s no better experience for two that just wed,
Than to play golf in a place where the game was first said. 
So what better way to celebrate our love?
Let’s head out to the course and watch the ball soar above. 

This is our dream, it’s our love, it’s our passion. 
That’s why we want to share this moment in Scottish fashion. 
 The travel, the experience, will be a memory forever. 
And what a day it will be when we toast to the most epic adventure. 

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