A Good Omen Welcomes Us Home


I’m a believer in omens – bad or good, in this case good. 

Today, my fiancé and I closed on our first home. It’s been a long 90 days of searching houses, dealing with financials, then going through the arduous process of signing all the paperwork. 

When we stumbled upon this home,  we found a little symbol of hope. It was this doormat in the garage. “Golfers Welcome” it proclaims as you step through the door. We smiled when we saw it and prepared ourselves for a hopeful walk through. 

 From the moment we stepped in, everything kind of fell into place. We knew this was the one place we were destined to find,  in a neighborhood we knew we could love. Today, as we made our way through the garage to enter our home as “our home” for the first time, something brilliant happened. We noticed our seller had left the doormat and coincidentally, a club leaning on the wall nearby. 

It was almost as if the house was welcoming us, saying “come on in and get ready for an amazing life full of love and, yes, GOLF.” Well, home. We are very excited to be moving in. Now, we just can’t wait to hit the golf course.  

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  • Josh (@golfismental) , Direct link to comment

    Congrats on the house purchase! What a cool story. There is no doubt that wasn’t a coincidence. Wishing you both many happy years and the house, and on the course!

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