A Few Tips for Alignment From Someone Who Just Learned

Ok, you know when someone tells you they are obsessed with golf? They have the infamous bug. They have the itch that just doesn’t go away. It’s a serious obsession. 

Well, it has arrived for me. I am now, officially, a golf-obsessed woman. And, with the Masters here to make everyone’s life a little more exciting, I figure now is as good a time as ever to have a game-changing lesson. 

It is not secret that alignment, aiming, is one of the most difficult facets of the golf game for a beginner. It’s just not easy figuring out how to line up your body and your club to aim in the direction you’d like it  to go. Especially for me, it’s been the most difficult thing to learn. 

I recently came upon an amazing instructional video that shares an interesting fact about aiming that I simply didn’t even realize before. Once I saw this video, it completely changed how I handle aiming. 

What I really love about this video, is that extra special tip he gives about looking at your target and keeping your eyes there. Taking the extra time to step behind your ball, focus on the target, visualize the path of your ball, and move into position, is well worth it. 

This simple strategy will help you aim at something not just far away, but even something just 3′ away. My putting has gotten exceptionally better by just using this tip. Remember, target and ball. Those are the places your eyes should be and where your concentration should be. 

And, as I’ve heard other golfers say about pre-shot routines: “If it’s good enough for pro-golfers, then it should be good enough for me.” You may benefit from just watching how the pros setup their shots. You’ll hopefully not be too surprised when you see they use this technique. 

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