Mountain Shadows Arizona Golf Course Review

Golfing twice in one weekend seemed pretty gutsy at the start of this very hot Arizona summer, so my husband and I booked a round at Mountain Shadows, a short par-3, 18-hole course in the middle of Paradise Valley (Scottsdale), Arizona. 

This newly renovated golf course definitely has it’s pros and cons. For one, if you’re an out-of-towner looking to get in a quick and fun round, this is for you. For a local, this can be a fast round for you to do some tuning up or just a fun pre-work outing. You can finish a round at Mountain Shadows in about 2.5 hours and be on your way to something else entirely.

Driving up to Mountain Shadows, you’ll feel like you’re in the epicenter of luxury. Situated just north of Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, this resort course is definitely in a beautiful location. With its renovations, they’ve done a great job bringing it up to speed with its surrounding area. The views are incredible and the course itself has been designed very nicely. It’s clear that it’s new and shiny. 

I’d say there is a great deal of challenge that you could get out of playing this course. If you need work on studying green complexes, as I really do, then a round here will help you with that. The Biarritz (hole 4) at Mountain Shadows will definitely send you for a whirl. The dip in the center of the green is about 4 feet deep and can really be a mental challenge if your putting game isn’t strong. 

As for the atmosphere and the environment, which are two things I always like to rate when I go to a course, be prepared for “modern luxury” with a Scottsdale-vibe. When I say luxury, don’t be mistaken. You won’t feel the same type of luxury you get from a top course that treats you like a king upon driving up. This is probably the equivalent to the type of “luxury” W hotels offer. Yes, it’s modern. Yes, I feel like I’m in a spaceship. No, I wouldn’t call that luxurious, but ok. 

Hands down, if you’re in town for a bachelor party or just want a fun short round to play with the guys, then this is definitely the course for you. I would say all it’s missing is some electronic dance music blasting from the clubhouse speakers and a few bartenders in bikinis to send this place into bro-heaven. Hope you like fist-bumping… 

All in all, it’s great for a short few hours of fun. You can warm up on their practice green, but this small course doesn’t offer a range, so don’t get there too early or you’ll be downing Bloody Mary’s just to waste some time. Fun fact: There is a nice little par-2 betting hole between 17 and 18 where you can decide who buys drinks after or who pays for the next round. Definitely a nice touch to a modern golf course. 

The next time you head to Mountain Shadows, let me know what you think! 

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