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Golf Course Review – We-Ko-Pa Golf Club – Arizona

Out of the almost 200 golf courses in Arizona, We-Ko-Pa Golf Club has been rated one of the best in the Scottsdale/Phoenix Area. Located in the remote outskirts of Scottsdale, the two courses offer fantastic views of McDowell Mountains, Red Mountain, Four Peaks and the Superstitions. This was my second time playing at this course, specifically the Cholla course, and from what I hear, out of the two, it’s the best.

We-Ko-Pa Cholla Hole 5
We-Ko-Pa Cholla Hole 5. (via wekopa.com/golf/cholla)

The Experience

Driving out to We-Ko-Pa is serene, surrounded by very few distractions and beautiful views all around. The golf course has been praised for not having houses or commercial property around, which leaves you feeling secluded and allows for a tranquil round. You immediately feel as though you’ve stepped into an oasis in the middle of the desert mountains.

Straight away, we were greeted by very friendly bag staff. The experience of the staff along with the pristine shape of the clubhouse makes it feel like a luxury resort. Of course, we had to grab some food before heading out, which didn’t disappoint either. It’s always a plus when a golf club has great food too.

However, what really sets this club apart is its practice facilities. This is truly the best part of the experience and could be classified as world class. I’m always grateful when the greens are indicative of how the course played, which was absolutely the case. Both the chipping and putting greens were spacious, which avoids those awkward encounters with others. The range is in great condition, lush grass and no problems with the grass we were hitting off. Really, everything from the presentation to the quality of the golf balls they offer. It’s just the little things that can make an experience all that much better.

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club - June 2018
A view from the greens. We-Ko-Pa Golf Club – June 2018

The Layout

Cholla is definitely not an easy course. As mentioned, it’s the more challenging of the two. It’s also been recognized as a top golf course in Arizona by many notable golf magazine and review guides, including being listed as No. 46 in the “Golf’s Top 100 You Can Play” for 2016/2017 by Golf Magazine. When it first debuted, Sports Illustrated named it as one of the “10 best new public courses in the world”.

Now for the fun stuff. What you can expect is lots of elevated tees and occasions where you’re hitting up onto the green. These elevation changes keep it interesting and rarely do you get an even lie from the fairway. There are a handful of blind tee shots. However, the fairway opens up to a generous landing area, though you wouldn’t know it standing at the tee box. It will definitely help if I go again to remember that note.

It is definitely target style golf with sweet spots you must hit and very few bail out areas. About 75% of the holes had forced carries, which didn’t create an issue with our group, but is worth noting if you’re driver game isn’t well-oiled. The greens were also interesting, with undulations and a few complexities that made it fun.

The 18th hole is a cherry on top kind of hole. It’s a par 4 with the only bit of water you’ll find on this course. If i were to play again, I’d have a better idea of where to miss and better lines off the tee and on approach shots. Saguaro, the other course, is a more traditional golf course that is also fun to play, but each one begs you to come back and tackle it again.  If you find your way out there, just know you’re definitely going to want to go back.


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Learn more about the Cholla course.


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