Free Waste Management Phoenix Open Tickets 2018

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is here! This is quite arguably the BEST time of year for golf lovers in Arizona. But, there’s always one big question around the tournament. “How do I get free tickets?” Free Waste Management Phoenix Open tickets are not easy to come by, unless you have connections through a company or organization that buys sponsor packages.

So, if you’re lucky, then you may know someone, who knows someone who can get you a nice Greenskeeper or Club House pass. But, if you’re out of luck, then you could get a ticket for buying something you may already need!

Albertson’s Waste Management Phoenix Open Deals

Always look to the grocery stores for great deals. I personally have used the Albertson’s deal in the past to stock up my liquor cabinet and have received tickets in exchange. This may be the best deal just based on how much you’re going to spend on alcohol anyway. In the past, chips and dips have also been included. This is perfect because it also happens to be the week leading up to the biggest NFL game of the year – the Super Bowl.

Albertson's WMPO Deal 2018
Albertson’s WMPO Deal 2018

The deal: Make a $40 minimum purchase of any combination of the items pictured and a receive a coupon for a free ticket. The coupon is redeemable Wednesday through Sunday of the tournament by taking the coupon to the ticketing area to exchange for a General Admission pass.

As I was there checking out this deal on Saturday, I noticed they also have a deal for up to $25 off the Coors Light Birds Nest! If you’re interested the fun that happens after the tournament, then this is known as THE party to be at.

Want a little more information on how to have the best possible time at the WMPO? Check out my post from last year here.

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