The Best Advice for a Round with Your Significant Other

It’s almost the weekend and you have a very tough decisions to make… Will you golf with your wife or significant other or will you golf with your friends? 

There are a lot of men out there who would say that golfing with their wife or sig. o. is a lot of fun, but then there are the times when you both just can’t seem to get along. Trust me, when it comes to golfing with someone you love, I know it’s tough. My husband has been lovingly being patient with me since I started golfing in 2014. 

There’s one piece of solid advice that I think you need, especially when golfing with a beginner and it has a lot to do with just that… ADVICE. Men, I know it can be difficult to not give your tips to your wife or girlfriend while out on the course, but it never ends well. So, here’s the secret to making it a successful round…

If you have a tip or a correction… always tell her that someone else told you this for her. Otherwise, if you try to give her advice, she won’t listen to you.  *laughs*  The truth hurts. 

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