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Life Updates – Healing with Aloe, Succulents and Swimsuits

Life recently threw a curve ball at me. My father, whom I was very close with, lost his battle to cancer in May. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all he did for me, my mother and my sister. He taught us to be strong, loving and kind – among many other things. But, I think those qualities have especially helped us deal with this difficult time. During this whole experience, I’ve really started to think about what’s important in my life and I’ve realized that time slips away very fast. So, I’m doing things now for myself and I’m doing them when I can. I can’t stress enough how important it is to do the things you love, take risks and just do it! Whatever it is -travel, investments, love. Go for it 100% right now because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

While thinking about this new perspective, I also thought how I love to talk about golf and everything that revolves around it. But, I realize that my blog doesn’t have to be just that. It really is so much more as my tagline states at the top… Hence, my first life update in a long time!

This weekend is the first weekend I’ve spent back in Phoenix in a weeks. It’s been over a month since I’ve had no plans to travel and I have to say I am very grateful. While I’ve maybe only picked up a golf club once over the last two months, there is a lot more happening that I feel once I get through, will make me a better person. In the mean time, it’s just good to take care of myself with things like yoga, reading, relaxing and focusing on me. Sometimes, being home and decompressing is exactly what the heart needs to heal.

That’s why this weekend, it’s all about aloe, succulents and swimsuits.

I’m a Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny Swimsuit Presley
Beach Bunny – Presley Crop Top and Skimpy Bottom

Beach Bunny sales are my favorite to shop. I’ve been so impressed with their progressive styles that aren’t just teeny bikinis, but actually are really trendy. This one particularly appealed to me because of it’s athletic style with the crop top. So, with temperatures into the 100’s now in Phoenix, it’s time to whip out the sunscreen and swimsuits. I can’t wait to take this cute one to the pool soon!

Aloe & Succulents

I’ve been meaning to replant my beautiful aloe vera plant for weeks now. I do think that in addition to some retail therapy, gardening and tending to plants is incredibly relaxing. I decided that I would get my mind on something that needed to be done and voila! Finally he’s found a new home.

Aloe Vera Plant
My aloe vera plant is all grown and in a new home.

I also bought a few new cacti and succulents to plant alongside this guy so he has some company. I’m not the greatest with plants or flowers – RIP to all those troopers – but, I’ve got a handle on caring for desert plants. Plus, when I have to take another trip, I don’t feel as bad leaving them without care for a couple of weeks. Although, my aloe vera plant is seeming a little sad lately. It may be the drier air and hot weather that’s affected him so much. I’ll be doing a lot more tending over the next couple of weeks to whip them all into shape and make sure they are surviving. Then, I hope to see some baby aloe vera plants sprouting. I’m a little concerned mine hasn’t wanted to do that yet, but hopefully with a larger pot, it will start to produce little ones. Wish me luck!

Succulents Ready to be Planted
Succulents Ready to be Planted

My new succulents and cacti are now planted in this planter’s box next to their friend the aloe vera plant in my backyard. To check out the final look, head to my Instagram! I’ve shared some more there.

I look forward to sharing my life updates as they come. The best part about blogging is that it truly is sharing experiences and wisdom as you learn it. I sincerely hope I can share that going forward.




PS. Be on the lookout for blogs and Instagram posts from my partner in crime (and life), R. He is golfing as I write this, which I’m very jealous of, but also know that it is one of his deepest passions. Now, he’s a guy who LOVES golf. More golf blogs will be coming from him soon.



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