Christmas Golf Gift Guide


Oh, the overwhelming frustration of holiday shopping can make anyone angry and stressed out during a time when everyone should really be feeling warm and cozy. That’s why I love gifts that are simple to find, purchase and order without ever having to leave your house.

If you are shopping for a golfer, then luckily, your shopping is going to be a lot easier. Golfers are just too easy to shop for! 

I’ve compiled several of my ideas with a few ideas from across the web. And, if all else fails, you can follow the Gift Guide for the Average Golfer from the Golf Stinks blog (LOL). But, seriously, one great point from that blog is to never get a beginner at golf any type of golf aid or gadget. Getting someone who is unexperienced any type of supposed “swing helper” is only going to confuse them more. So, here are some ideas that may help you complete your Christmas shopping early this year. 

For the experienced golfer… 

The Birdie Box 

The Birdie Box is a monthly subscription to a box that includes all sorts of fun golf “things”. There are all types of supscriptions that can include items ranging from golf balls and tech to magazines and shoes. You can even shop for tailored boxes just for women or men. This is more than likely a gift that would make more sense for an experienced golfer who enjoys getting all sorts of knick-knacks and will use most of them each month. Or, you can shop from their boxes that have a great mix of items for a one-time gift. 

Subscriptions start at around $40+/month

For a life-long student… 

Tathata 60-Day Training Program 

If you’re looking for something that will help your friend or family member improve their golf game, try doing some research into Tathata. A “different” method from taking traditional golf lessons, Tathata can be done from the comfort of your home and all online. Golfer who take the Tathata 60-Day Training Program improve their flexibility, learn from the greatest athletes and develop a complete understanding of body movement and mechanics during 60 lessons. 

This program is $169.99, a $10 savings when you use this link

For a newbie…

How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods

With Tiger Woods making his big break back into Golf this week, this is a great book that will have anyone obssessed. Learn what has made Tiger the greatest in the game and what skills he has learned over the years. He reveals his secrets, his background and his methodology in this “Golf Guide”. 

Get it on your Amazon Kindle for $12.99

For the committed golfer… 

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Returning Mat

One of my favorite tools to practice at home, the SKLZ Mat is a great gift for someone who never wants to put down their clubs. This mat is pretty easy to tuck away when not in use and is simply perfect for anyone who likes to work on their putting all the time. You can practice puts from 3, 5 and 7 feet and work on consistency, while at home. It’s especially great for those who live in cold climates and can’t get out to practice. 

Find it for $49.99 at the PGA Tour Superstore.  

You can also find more awesome golf gifts in the 14 Coolest Gifts for Golf Lovers.

Happy Holidays and happy shopping! 

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