A Message to Young Golfers and the LPGA

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 I spoke with someone recently who got me thinking a lot about the negativity vs. positivity in this world and how it can affect someone’s life trajectory in very real ways. One of my most precious realizations has been how important mindset and positivity are for living a successful and happy life. 

While I may be lofty with my goals, I have a mindset that allows me to believe I can do anything. Of course, I know there are limits and there are circumstances that may never allow to do do some things in life, for example, making it to the LPGA. 

That’s really not something I’ve ever aspired to do, nor do I think that at this point in my life I could achieve that amazing accomplishment. Although, I’ve been working hard at improving my golf game and I’m very  happy with my progress thus far. But, I had one point during the conversation with this friend that had me feeling so very unsettled by his thought process. 

My words to him were, “I see all these women playing golf all day, every day and it makes me regret not pursuing golf at a younger age. If I had kept playing when I first learned at age 7, then maybe I would have received a golf scholarship or shoot, made it to the LPGA.” 

He scoffed at me. Told me that I would have never made it and certainly wouldn’t be making a living off that. Well, I think he’s looking at it in a very different way than I am. For one, “making a living” golfing means being able to golf every day and being able to live, literally just live. I wouldn’t need fancy cars or a big house, but it would make me a very happy woman to be able to pick up a golf club every day. If it’s your passion, then being able to do it every day despite the returns you get in money is enough. 

Another thing I was struck by was his total disbelief that I, little measely Amy, could not somehow make it to the LPGA if I had stuck with it. Now, maybe I’m completely overestimating my athletic ability. Maybe I am being lofty for thinking I could have put that much determination into it, but that’s a whole world unknown to me or even him. So, why discredit something we don’t know could have happened? 

My one opinion coming out of that conversation is that I hope there aren’t people  telling young girls they can’t accomplish something based on statistics. Yeah, the statistics may show that there are very few women who go on to make it to the LPGA, but who can say for sure which statistic YOU are? 

My message to the LPGA is keep doing what you’re doing. I see so many young women on Instagram and online sharing their golf journeys and it makes me smile. It makes me proud of their parents for allowing them to pursue something they enjoy and sharing it with the world. And, it makes me appreciative of all the women who didn’t let the statistics or the challenge get  them down. 

So, huge thumbs up to you ladies and thank you for inspiring me every day to continue pursuing all the things I’ve setup to be great at in my future. You keep me fighting and you keep so many young girls out there on the right track. And, to all the ladies on the road to the LPGA, keep working and let no one tell you that you can’t accomplish what you’ve set your mind to. 

The Golfer Babe 

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  • Rick , Direct link to comment

    Often, people will tell you YOU can’t do something simply because they can’t. Understand it’s more about them than it is you. You can accomplish even more than you think, so always aim for the stars! You’ll be surprised how the world conspires to help you!

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