When Should You Take a Golf Lesson?

People always ask me about the right time to take a golf lesson. Personally, I believe taking golf lessons as a first step when starting to golf is the most important time. Swinging a metal rod through the air at a tiny white ball isn’t something we were innately born to know. So, this is always step one.

There are also benefits to taking lessons throughout your life, especially during times when you feel like you are struggling with your swing. Many schools of thought exist out there, but really it’s your body and your comfort with a golf club that will determine when the time is right for you. Try  using these clues to decide.  

Clue No. 1 
You’re not comfortable with your clubs. 

Struggling with how to hold a golf club or why it feels like you keep hurting your back every time you swing? There could be something happening that only another person will be able to tell you you’re doing. If something doesn’t feel right, then that’s a great time to see a professional. 

Clue No. 2 
You’re hitting your ball all over the place and just don’t know why. 

Many times, you can feel great with your swing, but the outcome isn’t quite what you’re hoping for. Trying to dissect what’s wrong with your swing on your own is pretty impossible. Often, it’s the tiniest and most subtle change that can completely turn things around. So, since you can’t step out of your own body to give it the close look it needs, see someone who can help. 

Clue No. 3 
You’re off-season and you feel like a few things are just “off”. 

This happens with a lot of people. The winter comes or they get “too busy” for full rounds, so they stop golfing and don’t tune up on those bad habits they picked up all season long. Taking a lesson to get back in the game and tune up your swing is a great way to keep improving. Some may argue that improvement comes with time, but making the same mistakes or creating bad habits for yourself won’t get any better unless you correct them. 

Finally, if you are not sure even where to start and you don’t know anything about golf, then getting beginner lessons can teach you all there is to know. Visit a professional who can get you setup with the right clubs, teach you about golf etiquette and most importantly, give you an idea of what a basic swing should look like. 

On a side note, some believe there are times when you really shouldn’t take a lesson. For example, this article from Golfwrx.com suggests that if you’re playing well, you’re averse to change or you have a big event coming up , then you shouldn’t jump into a lesson. These are valid reasons, but remember that if you don’t fix the issues you feel, then you’ll continue doing something that won’t have any results. Also keep in mind that patience and a good instructor are absolutely necessary when taking lessons. 

The best golfers in the world are constantly working on their swing, working out kinks and correcting bad habits. If that’s good for them, then why is it not good for you?

If the price of a golf lesson is your barrier or you’re looking for a different kind of lesson, try Tathata Golf. Tathata is a great way to get started, can help you practice all year round and will even give you an opportunity to look back on past courses to tune up or review things you’ve already learned. With a fantastic price point and great benefits, Tathata’s 60-Day Training Program could be a great lesson for you. 

Disclaimer: The Golfer Babe is an official affiliate of Tathata Golf. Every purchase earns the Golfer Babe commissions. 

02 comments on “When Should You Take a Golf Lesson?

  • Tom Davies , Direct link to comment

    So I fit into that second clue (I’m hitting it everywhere), but I’m not exactly off season. My club champs are literally a week away and I really want to do my best, so should I go for a lesson or not? Is it worth the risk if I might just be playing badly anyway?
    Hope you can help!

    • The Golfer Babe , Direct link to comment

      Hi Tom, I feel your pain. But, try not to stress about it. Sometimes, the tiniest tweak could help you figure it out and find your swing again. I suggest that you go to a lesson, especially if it’s someone you trust that will find what’s wrong right away. Absolutely go to someone reputable and trust-worthy. The only risk would be going to someone that could end up just giving you shotty advice or messing up your swing even more.
      Also, if you have any videos of you swing the club well and feeling good, then watch it and try to remember all the feelings and the mechanics. That could help you find it as well.
      You’ll find it and you’ll get there! Be patient. And hey, just have fun. Best of luck!

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