Taking the Tathata 60-Day Program to the Course

No matter how long you’ve been golfing, you have probably gone through dozens of iterations of your swing. You’ve gotten in a funk. You’ve completely lost your swing. Then, of course, you’ve had days when you were just hot and hit the ball so well you remembered why you come back every time.

Through any type of golf lesson, learning how to play golf and improving your game requires the understanding that a swing and golf game is constantly evolving. Things change. Each day is different. You must be willing to fine tune your body. That’s also why you must be careful when taking the Tathata 60-Day Training, or any other golf lesson for that matter, to the course.

The beauty of golf is that it requires a lot of concentration, patience and dedication. It’s pretty easy to give the game those few things, especially if you have the bug. You know, the bug. (Read my favorite story of Jordan Speith catching the bug, here.) The thing that keeps you addicted and obsessed with the game. But, what takes the ultimate patience, is sticking with it even on your bad days.

Here are a few tips for taking your lessons out to the golf course and not throwing your club in the water when you hit a bad shot.

1. Always Go Back to Basics

As you go through your lesson, you’ll learn a base understanding of the body movements, hand and arm movements and the mental game that you’ll want to use as the foundation of your swing. This foundation will carry you and it will be helpful to you when the going gets rough.

My suggestion is to take a video of your swing when it’s the best. Remember the things you did, the things you focused on and incorporate them into your pre-shot routine. (Oh yeah, side tip, have a pre-shot routine.) Write down what thoughts helped you achieve that best swing. And, when you start hitting it fat or thin, slicing or duffing it, then watch this video and read your notes.

2. A Bad Shot is a Bad Shot and Nothing More

Say this to yourself 10 times and then say it again each time it happens to you. You may have the urge to ask what you’re doing wrong on each shot or someone may have the audacity to try to coach you through each bad shot, but remember that sometimes, you just hit it wrong and you may be able to recount exactly what you did wrong.

Getting help or taking advice from someone every time you hit a bad shot will only epically confuse you and may cause you to think about things that aren’t important. Your brain can only handle so much at one time. Do some research and learn about your brain and its cognitive abilities. Want to be overwhelmed and frustrated during a round? Then, listen to every piece of advice. There will be so much going through your head that… just picture that cartoon that spontaneously combusts.

If you find yourself in this precarious situation, then recite the beautiful line above and refer to tip number 1.

3. The Golf Course is Meant to be Fun

This is the place where you literally take what you’ve learned and apply it in your own way. It’s not a place to fix your swing. It’s not a place to learn something new. Just go out there and play golf the way you’ve been taught. Luckily, if Tathata has been your guiding lesson, then you will have a lot of great mechanics and mental development on your side. Being aware of yourself and your game also makes it easier to manage the course.

More than likely with Tathata, you’re playing smarter. Just go out there and do what you do. Don’t use the course as a playground for trying new techniques or working something out with your swing. That’s what the range is for.

Do these three things and you’ll see that your lessons are truly doing work for you. But most of all, have fun and enjoy the time you have on the course because it will be over before you know it.

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  • Bobby Saint , Direct link to comment

    I totally agree with what you said that the golf course is meant to be fun and that you should always relax and enjoy playing the game. You need not worry about making a bad shot every now and then because it happens even to the best golfers. What’s important is that you are able to improve each game without putting too much pressure on yourself. Practice makes perfect. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind if I ever plan to go to golf camp. Thanks.

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