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Recovering your golf game faster after long breaks

About eight years ago, I was a sad, sad college student eating unhealthy and not taking care of myself. So, I made a decision to get to the gym, focus on a nutritious diet and make improvements to my lifestyle. I can safely say that the progress I’ve made over that time has been incredible to see. Recovering from long breaks off has never been easier because of that consistency I have. After years and years of doing it right, I can shape up and snap back quickly.

But, I didn’t get obsessive when I started working out. I didn’t become one of those gym-crazed girls who doesn’t eat and does hours of cardio. I saw these improvements happen slowly, over time. I’m starting to see the same thing happen with my golf game.

I’ve never been the type to get all hyped up and obsessive about a new trend. I usually find something I like and do it as often as I can. Much like going to the gym consistently, I’ve been hitting the range and making it out to the course as often as I can. In fact, this consistency actually means that when I have a regression or less time to do what I like, that I can come back and get into again without too much struggle.

After eight years of consistent gym time, my muscles have developed and don’t atrophy as fast as before. I’m able to stay pretty slim even through long periods of not working out and eating unhealthy. As soon as I get back to the gym, I’m able to get back to my normal routine and get fit even faster. Similarly, every time I hit the course after taking a few weeks off, I can come back twice as fast.

My point here is that consistency is really important. So, whether you have a small putting mat for your home or a net to chip balls into in your backyard, keep up the practice. Do what you can to stay consistent when you have the time and make progress with your game while you can. After time, you’ll notice that you don’t suffer as much when you are forced to take time off.

Have you noticed an improvement in your golf game that is just naturally built over time? Do you notice that you come back stronger when you have long bouts of practicing and playing?

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