Pros and Cons of the Tathata 60-Day Training Program

Update 12/6/2017: The Tathata Golf Program just got better! You can now sign up for a membership with Tathata and save 10% off using my promo code: TheGolferBabe. Stay tuned to for reviews and updates on the new program. Which, PS. I’m already loving!


I know what you’re thinking…

How are we at a point in our sad, technology driven lives that we no longer need to go to a golf course to learn how to play golf? 

That’s a relevant thought to have, but I challenge you to think outside the box with me. Learning something in the comfort of your home is no different than choosing home school over traditional school. You’re bringing the classroom home to explore something in a way that’s convenient and personal.

As you probably know, I’ve been exploring the Tathata Golf 60-Day Training Program. There are  lots of reasons why I really enjoy it and praise it, but I like to be logical sometimes, so I’d like to present both the pros and cons for you to understand what you can expect – REALLY.

Here are a few pros of the Tathata Program:

  1. You can choose when you’d like to do it and where. You have the freedom to do it every day or choose a schedule that works for you. No scheduling or appointment making necessary.  It drives me nuts to have to run from one appointment to another and I already have so much going on with my day, so I like the idea of learning something on my time. Just turn on your computer, find a quiet space and get to work.
  2. You can review what you’ve learned whenever you’d like. Whether you enjoy reviewing every day or like to refresh once a week, you can go back and view any lesson you’ve already done and no one is going to charge you for it. There are lots of great supplemental aids that come with each chapter, as well. So, you have lot of information at your fingertips.
  3. If this is your first introduction to golf, you’ll have the peace of mind that the first time you head out to the golf course you’re not going to just whack a ball and have no idea what you’re doing. Going through this online training course will help you build the foundation for your game, teach you about the body movements and give you a great base for learning.
  4. If you’re not a first-timer, this program will help you build those foundations in the background. You’ll be able to literally take everything you’ve done on the golf course home and perfect it. Maybe you’ve never thought about the swing in the way Bryan Hepler thinks about it. Or maybe, you’ve been doing something fundamentally wrong your whole life. With the repetition, the breakdown of each movement and the way the lessons are laid out in a strategic way, you’re going to learn some basic things that can transform your swing.
  5. The price is right! For $189.99 ($10 off with my special discount – you’re welcome), you’re getting 60 days of complete training. Not only this, but you’ll also receive supplemental information, such as extra videos and breakdowns to help you along the way. Tathata also has an incredible facility that you’ll be able to visit as a graduate of the 60-Day Program. (Read about additional benefits here.) Compared to other golf lessons, this is a smoking deal!

Here are a few cons of the Tathata Program:

  1. It’s a huge time commitment! 60 days is two months of work, if you do it every day. But, you have to find the time and you have to stay motivated. If you’re like me, your schedule gets a little hectic. You just have to keep pushing through and realize that it may take you a lot longer than 60 days to complete.
  2. There are moments when you will feel uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Bryan pushes you to think in a new way. It’s a very Eastern methodology and can come off as a little  strange sometimes compared to how we normally think about golf or any other sport. Physically, you’ll be doing things you may not always do and it will be repetitive. You’ll do small movements that prepare your body for the full swing . You’ll also stretch in ways you may never have before, so you’ll have to be patient and careful not to push yourself too hard.
  3. Nothing replaces having an in-person lesson where someone can look at your swing and tell you what they see. Keep in mind, this is training. It’s beyond a lesson. It will teach you the fundamentals and it will train you for swinging better and stronger. This isn’t traditional and you may feel like you are missing that personal interaction. My advice is get through the program and go visit the Tathata facility as quickly as you can. Getting that one-on-one instruction is irreplaceable.
  4. It’s also a bit of an investment. (I know, I know, how it can the price be a pro and a con? Just wait.) Not everyone is about the big spending that comes with playing golf. If you’re like me, you try to budget, play when rates are lower and do as much free as possible. The price is really something to take into consideration, especially if you aren’t going to put the time in. If you commit to taking the program seriously and completing it, then this will be a phenomenal investment. However, if you buy it and forget it, then you’re really only wasting your money and your missing out on all the benefits.

The Tathata 60-Day Training Program may be for you, it may not be. But, this is where you decide where you want your golf game to be in the next several months. My story began with Tathata and I’ve been able to improve significantly in the last 6 months. Plus, I hear from time to time that I have a great looking golf swing. That’s the Tathata foundation that has helped me. Consider your options and if you’re ready to try it, then take advantage of my discount and let me know how you are progressing in the Tathata program.

The Golfer babe is an official brand affiliate. 

18 comments on “Pros and Cons of the Tathata 60-Day Training Program

  • bob wolcott , Direct link to comment

    I am on day 31 of the program but watched your swing from last year to this year amazing improvement!!!!

  • Fred Smith , Direct link to comment

    Very suspicious of a “review” where the reviewer can get me a discount. You wouldn’t get a kickback would you?

    • The Golfer Babe , Direct link to comment

      HI there Fred, Just sent you some more info via email, but always appreciate the realness. I am an official brand affiliate. All of my reviews are honest and my original opinions. Hope my email explains a little more. Thanks!
      The Golfer Babe

  • Dave Ersun , Direct link to comment

    Fred, you make a valid comment. I am not a brand affiliate. I bought the program (paid full pop because I couldn’t find a discount or promo code)
    I’m absolutely hooked on this program. I had way too many private lesson and just wasn’t seeing consistent improvements. This program builds the swing, step by step, from the ground up. Concepts are explained in a way that I can relate to. I can’t tell you how many times Hepler has shown me something and I find myself saying, “So that’s what my golf pro was trying to explain!”
    Anyway, everything the Golf Babe wrote is real.
    For what it’s worth.

    • Amy , Direct link to comment

      Hi Sue,
      You can get the discount by visiting
      No coupon code needed.

      • Mike , Direct link to comment

        I can’t find a phone number anywhere. I get very suspicious when there isn’t a phone number. did i miss it? if i did can you tell me where to find it?

  • Dave Esrun , Direct link to comment

    Hi Mike,
    I don’t know if they’ve posted a telephone number. All I can tell you is that the program is legit. Everything about the company is above board and they’ve got a really strong product. I generally don’t spend a lot of time endorsing products, but this one has earned my respect.
    Tathata has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to come up with a product that works in a field where so many other have failed. I like to encourage companies that do things well.
    Essentially, you’re getting 60 hours of top instruction for $200 (I can’t remember exactly what they charge) i used to be in the high 90’s which often ballooned into triple digits. After 30 days and many buckets on the range, I’m in the mid 80’s and still improving. My distance hasn’t improved (I hit 275 with the driver, 160 with a 7 iron including roll) but my accuracy and consistency has improved dramatically. I used to have a significant draw. Now i fade the ball 2-3 yards with a full 7 iron. The program is sound and you WILL see an improvement IF you follow the program. I have zero affiliation with this company. Cheers

  • Christina , Direct link to comment

    I am a beginner & have been looking at this program for a while. I am not sure what 60 day means – do you pay for 60 day & no access after that? There is an additional cost to purchasing DVDs, so this is why I feel that there is some timeframe restriction for completion of the corse. There isn’t an adequate explanation on the website whether there are any restrictions attached to the the price for the 60 day programme -?

    • Dave , Direct link to comment

      Hi Christina,
      The program offers 60 lessons. All are about about 1 hour long. There are no restriction in how long you can take to finish the program. And once you’ve completed it, you can continue to review any lessons or videos on the site.
      If you sign up, you can go at your own pace.
      If you’re a beginner and willing to commit the time to this program, you’ll be very happy with the results. My wife is a beginner and she’s thrilled with her progress.
      I hope this helps.

    • Amy , Direct link to comment

      Hi Christina,
      There isn’t a restriction or time frame that you must complete the program in. The additional purchase of the DVDs is just based on preference. As you move through the course, you can go back to any section at any time. Once you’ve bought into the course, you’ll always have access to any chapter.
      I hope this helps clear things up!
      Thank you and best wishes,
      The Golfer Babe

  • Bob Imai , Direct link to comment

    Thank you for the write-up on Tathata Golf. I tried using your discount, but the price is $179.95 not $169.95 (requires a code)?

  • Jeff , Direct link to comment

    If you buy discs and happen to lose one or it gets scratched still.have access to website to watch?

  • Adam , Direct link to comment

    What kind of swing does Tatkata Golf teach? What kind of release? Quiet arms or active arms? Is the Tatkata swing hard/time consuming to maintain?

    • Bobbi , Direct link to comment

      Good question.
      I was working through the Jim Hardy release lessons and could benefits of both ways.
      Mix the two and could be disaster.
      How does this system deal with different body types/ physical limitations ?
      Thanks for the input!

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