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Do You Need the Tathata 60 Day Training Program?

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A little over a year ago, I posted an article called the Pros and Cons of the Tathata 60-Day Program. This article was fueled by my love-at-first-lesson for the program and it also helped a lot of people understand the time commitment that Tathata takes. I won’t get into the pros and cons too deep, but I’ll recap those for you here. To learn more, you can read the article above.

Tathata Pros 

  1. The time it takes to do a lesson is more convenient for YOU. You choose when and where.
  2. The program allows you to review old lessons at any time.
  3. If it’s your first lesson, you can be confident the first time you step out on the range or course.
  4. If it’s not your first lesson, Tathata will build your foundations from the bottom up.
  5. The price is right!

Tathata Cons 

  1. It’s a commitment. 60 days is a long time and you have to be committed to completing the program and sticking with it.
  2. It can push your boundaries mentally and physically at times.
  3. Maybe you learn better in person. This fully online program may not be right for you.
  4. It’s also an investment. Not everyone has the money to invest in golf lessons, but the price definitely beats any in-person lessons or clinics for what you get.

Tathata Golf
Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to talk about why you NEED to consider the new Tathata Golf Program Membership. Tathata Golf made some vast improvements to their software and lessons, but there are so many more improvements that you need to know.

New Tathata Golf Membership Benefits

  1. It’s now a yearly membership! That’s right, each year you pay a set price of $200 (or $10 off with my discount – you’re welcome), to have access to all the training in the 60-Day Program. Plus much much more, which I will explain below.
  2. The interface and user experience is so much better. When you log in and see the simplicity of the program, you’ll love it. It’s simple to open up the videos to watch them during your lunch break or before you head to bed. It’s also just as easy to navigate through the extra materials. I also can’t even begin to explain how user-friendly the end-of-lesson quizzes are. Super simple to go through to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  3. When it comes to the individual lessons, they are already so much easier to follow. You start with the warm-up, which allows you stretch, get loose and get athletic. That’s one of the principles of the Tathata Golf way. The athletic movements are ingrained in your training from day one. Get ready to be flexible, because this will definitely challenge you. The lessons are also shorter at the beginning, they may increase, but won’t get longer than an hour or so.
  4. Bye, bye to waiting for the greatest athletes in the world! In the past program, athletes and their athletic movements weren’t brought in until later. Already on Day 1 and throughout each day, you’re going to see comparisons to how the greatest athletes move their bodies. It makes for great examples and teaches you how to golf like a true athlete.
  5. It’s much more than just 60 days of top notch training from Bryan Hepler that you’re getting. There are videos with the Tathata staff, training materials that you can download and review when you have time or you can sign up for in-person golf schools with Tathata.  To really focus in on your progress you can visit a Movement Specialist to support what you’re learning in your online program. You also achieve badges as you move through chapters, which is always fun, like the one I received below!

Chapter Completed Badge

If you’re already a Tathata 60-Day Program member, you’ll still have access to the old program when you log in, so if you din’t finish, don’t worry. I can safely say that the Tathata Program helped me go from triple bogeying every hole to shooting consistently in the low to mid 80s… and that happened in about a year of the program!


As I’ve said before, an online program may or may not be for you, but the flexibility to take the lessons when and where you want, along with the easy to understand training will certainly have an impact on your golf game. So, to answer my question, “Do you need the Tathata 60 Day Program?” Yes, you absolutely need to at least try it! Dive in to Tathata Golf to learn more.

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