Is the Tathata 60-Day Training Program Worth It?

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​In the last week or so, I’ve had about 16 people tell me they are starting the Tathata 60-Day Program. That’s pretty impressive for a golf program that is all online (or on screen, I should say)! But, the first question I always get from someone just starting out is: “Is it worth it?”

Well, my answer is simple. I have to go into the straight facts about what you can expect to explain:
  • You’ll be asked to do everything with “a sense of greatness”: Get ready to be super empowered! Yup, every movement and every stretch is going to be accompanied by an affirmation or some sort of confidence-inducing saying that will encourage you to dig deep in your inner-self to find “a sense of greatness.” This is the Tathata way. If you aren’t familiar with affirmations, these phrases during your exercises are very similar. So, get familiar. Either way, after several times of going through these exercises, you’ll start to approach each golf ball with a new mind set. Mental affirmation is the key here.
  • You’ll be asked to do athletic moves you may not be used to doing: I’ve seen on a few forums some people who are uncomfortable when doing the Tathata stretches and movements. The bottom line is that these movements are athletic and lead to you becoming more agile over time. The more you stretch and the more flexible you become, the more likely you are able to continue golfing throughout your life. Many of the people who complain about the Tathata movements or say they “hurt” are over 40. Why is this important? Well, if you’re under 40, this means you still have time to get your flexibility and agility in order before your body starts punishing you for your age. If you’re over 40, you need to know what to expect. Take your time and be patient. It’s important you don’t hurt yorself during these exercises. Flexibility is a vital part of creating a strong golf swing. Tathata pays extra special attention to this theory and helps you develop your stretching abilities by putting you out of your comfort zone for several exercises.
  • You’ll see everything broken down, repeated, and then broken down again: Repetition is key when it comes to Tahtata. You’ll hear Bryan break down movements multiple times and demonstrate them often to ensure you are grasping each one. You’ll notice this is different from traditional lessons. During traditional lessons, you may be asked to change something slight about your golf swing. Maybe it’s your approach position, maybe it’s your downswing. Whatever it may be, it’s probably really specific and you most likely go straight to the range after getting the tip to incorporate it into your swing. The one thing I tell everyone is be patient! You won’t pick up a golf club too fast and you’re going to have to learn the mechanics before taking a full swing. After that, very few and slight changes will come, but Tathata is a whole-body training. You have to experience the program in full to get the best reaults.

So, based off these facts, do you think it’s worth it? ​Tathata is a time commitment and it requires you to change the way you have always thought about golf instruction. Think about whether 60 or so hours of instruction is going to be doable for you. Because in my opinion, unless you are committed to one hour each day, you will be wasting money.

My tip is to grasp as much as you can out of the few first lessons. Take a break, then go back in and pick up where you left off. Do this often so you son’t get tired of doing the lessons. Each one has a lot of valuable tools and knowledge to help your game, so don’t skip and take your time.

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