Breaking 90

Stonecreek Golf Club

Stonecreek Golf Club

Have you ever had a day on the golf course where every shot feels perfect? Maybe you know that day where it feels like sticking the green is effortless. Where each drive just sails perfectly straight down the fairway. 

That was the day I had when I broke 90 for the first time. During the holidays last year, I made a goal to break 90 this summer. I thought I would be right on target, but I haven’t been playing as much and I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my Tathata training. I really didn’t think it would be happening this summer and I kind of just made the decision not to let it bother me too much. 

My day started out pretty normal. Went to work and got really excited that I would be going straight from the office to the golf course to meet my fiance. That’s our perfect Friday afternoon date. I got to the golf course, got my bag ready, changed clothes and met him by the bag drop. It was actually a great afternoon for a round, a little hot, but doable. 

We grabbed a beer and set off for the first tee. It was an incredible first drive. I sailed it right into the middle of the fairway, maybe 200 yards and got my mind set on my next shot. I really wasn’t concerned about playing well. With no time to warm up and not a lot of practice in the month leading up to this day, I just wanted to have a nice afternoon outdoors and give myself some time to let go of the work week behind me.

Nine holes later, I feel like I’m playing the best I’ve ever played. I hit every shot with with confidence. Small mistakes are quickly repented with a perfect follow up. I’m not a huge fan of counting up my first half, so I just play through and let my fiance work out the score without telling me. It’s just one more factor that I don’t want to distract me from how I’m playing. 

The second half was incredible. I was making pars left and right. And, while my putting wasn’t exactly on the whole time, my irons were saving me. We pulled up to 18 and I just felt so strong. I pulled out my drive and assessed the situation. It was a hard dog-leg right. I knew I needed to finish strong, so I thought if I could just hit straight toward the trees ahead of me and get it close to the edge, I would have a clear shot at the green with my 5 hybrid.

I ended up pulling it a little bit, but still managed to get it close enough for a straight shot at the green. I pulled out my hybrid. It was 180 to the flag. I knew I that would be a miracle, but I would try to go straight for it. When the ball came off the club, I could have sworn I saw the heavens open up. Ok, maybe that’s dramatic, but it was an incredible shot. My fiance and I stood there with our jaws on the ground.

We swore up and down that it rolled in. We even took out the range finder to see if we could see the ball on the green anywhere. It would be hard to have done, but it was possible. Well, it wasn’t quite that miraculous, but when we pulled up, it was about 30 feet short of the hole, on the green.

I hit a nice putt about 1 foot passed the hole and tapped it in for par. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the day. I have to say, tallying up my score at the end was one of the most heart pounding moments I’ve had. 89! I did it!  

And, here’s to breaking 80 next year…

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