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It’s not easy working out, eating healthy and finding the nutrition that can help you be not only healthier in life, but also healthier doing your sport. When you’re committed to playing a sport well, it means being committed to doing more positive things for optimal performance.

Golf is a sport that’s tough on your back and your joints, requires you to be in the sun A LOT and wears you down quite quickly. Some may argue that even some of the best golfers aren’t the fittest or most healthy (ahem – John Daly). But, the reality is that the fitter you are and the more you concentrate on eating the right foods, the better you feel on the golf course and the more likely you are to play better. 

In the summer in Arizona, getting through a round can be exhausting and tough on my skin. That’s why my skincare routine and my workout and eating routines are so important to me. You may be thinking, “What does skincare have to do with being fit for golf?” Well, a lot actually! 

The skin is your largest organ in, on rather, your body. It takes in moisture, it lets out toxins and it protects your internal organs from a lot of external stress. It’s how you feel touch, temperature and much more. When you aren’t taking care of your skin, you are causing harm to a lot of other body systems. So, maybe it’s time to think about things in a new way. 

Here are my three keys (thanks DJ Khaled) for Getting Fit for Golf: 

1. Put the Best in your Body 
Whether it’s adding some needed nutritional supplements to your routine or downloading an app that can help remind you when you haven’t had enough water for the day, there are hundreds of things you can do to improve your nutrition. The best way to focus on that is by creating small habits that can make a big impact on your life. 

About three years ago, I made a conscious decision to stop drinking sodas and start drinking more water. I did this by buying water cups and thermoses that I thought were fun to have around and by making a decision every time I went out to eat or shopped at the grocery store to avoid soda. These weren’t easy choices at first. But now, I can’t tell you the last time I craved one. It’s usually an occasional treat that I give myself once every few months. But, I haven’t once looked back and thought about how much I miss them. More so, they surely aren’t part of my daily diet. 

This is the same thing you must do when reinventing your diet or eliminating sugars. After you make those conscious decisions to add something or eliminate something from your routine for at least 30 days, it just starts to become a habit. My daily habits now include taking supplements to aid in my nutrition, eating less processed carbs and eating more vegetables, drinking at least 60 ounces of water and eating three balanced meals and some snacks when I’m hungry. 

Make a habit of putting only the best in your body and you will be surprised how much better you feel daily and while golfing. 

2. Put the Best on your Body 
Staying and being fit for me also means taking care of my skin. As an avid summer golfer, I know the importance of wearing UV protection clothing and sunscreen. I even lather sunscreen on in the morning before driving to work and in the afternoon before leaving work on my hands, arms and face to block those rays while driving. It’s important to me to protect my skin from the harmful damage the sun can do and to protect myself from skin cancer. 

But, sun protection isn’t all you can do to take care of your precious skin. As they say, your outward appearance is the doorway to how you’re treating your body. Are you taking the right supplements to care for your skin, hair and nails? Are you drinking enough water? Eating enough vegetables? Your skin can tell all of these things. That’s why my number one key to getting fit is “putting the best in my body.”

Finally, putting the best on my body also means taking care of my face. I use a skincare regime that fights the signs of aging and helps keep my skin hydrated. As we age, our skin loses moisture more easily and can be a cause for wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of skin damage. I try to do as much as I can now to maintain healthy skin as I age.  

(To learn more about the products I use, shoot me an email or click “Shop Forever Products“) 

3. Sweat More, Physically and Mentally 
Putting your body and your brain through challenges everyday is the only way to get fit for golf. In fact, one of my favorite things about the game is how much mental agility it takes to get around a course. Up the ante. Read more and play brain games. These small daily changes can help you form memories better, analyze the greens better and even reach back into your past experiences to make decisions

There is a blog I’ve enjoyed reading recently that you may like called Golf State of Mind.  David Mackenzie is a performance coach and the author of this blog. He goes into some really interesting mental aspects of the game. When you have some down time read through it, subscribe to his blog and make it a point to learn how improving your mental health can help with your game. 

And of course, exercise is a big aspect of my daily routine. After all, going to the gym daily can help increase happiness, stimulate the brain and especially improve cardiovascular health. A round of golf is fatiguing in the summer, so imagine being out of shape and trying to get through it. Having muscle tone and a better capacity for endurance can make a lot of difference, especially toward the end of a round when being tired means taking really terrible swings and making mental blunders. 

How do you improve your golf fitness? Submit a comment or tweet at @TheGolferBabe

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