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When you walk out on a course these days, what do you see? Who do you see? 

More than likely even your high-end country clubs have at least one golfer in every foursome who ditched the conservative Polo and wing-tip loafers for the athletic joggers and latest nike kicks. It’s the evolving world of golf. Since Tiger Woods, we’ve seen a dramatic change in what golfers wear out on a round. It’s become an athlete’s runway. Statements are being made, but not at the expense of comfort and agility. 

I make this point because the truth is that golf is evolving constantly. People used to say golf was a dying sport, but it’s very much kept alive by more young people heading to the course and feeling part of a new generation of golfers. And hey, we want to keep our personal style and personalities intact. 

When Jay from Thirty6ix Golf Co. contacted me, I was incredibly intrigued. He took the time to write out his whole story – his passion for golf, his journey to get to where him and his business partner Chevy are now, his mission and purpose for contacting me. It was truly an honor to read it and it certainly made me feel like this was a guy who knows what he’s after. His brand really means something. 

Here’s a little bit of what he had to say: 

“Fast forward about a year to April 2016. I had quit my job and moved home.  Chevy and I were reminiscing about the “glory days” in California as the golf season was just getting underway.  We realized that aside from the 6 major golf companies, there weren’t too many options that allowed us to represent ourselves as the golfers we were.  We don’t care so much about the latest technology, we’re just going to slice it anyways.  We’re not worried about the conditions of the golf course- just put a hole in the ground and we’re pumped.  All we want to do is golf as much as possible, because life is short.  Thirty6ix Golf Co. is all about good vibes, on and off the course.  We want to help golfers, especially millennials, to connect by providing apparel that represents the modern golf lifestyle.  Our mission is to grow the game, and the more people that understand what makes Golf so great, the more that will be drawn to playing it.” 

That hit home for me. 

Good vibes, love of the game and just plain fun are why I continue golfing. It got me thinking – this is a brand I could get behind. 

Chevy and Jay have created a golf company that caters to the everyday golfer. Want to feel comfortable, still be yourself and make a statement on the course? Wear the Thirty6ix Golf Co. brand. Be prideful when you go out to hit some shots and just have fun with it. There’s no need to try to be something you’re not. 

You can represent the spirit of Thirty6ix with their awesome line of hats, tshirts and tanks, hoodies and other accessories.  Check out their full collection here

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Side Note: This hoodie was probably the most comfortable thing I’ve worn on the range, ever. It’s soft inside and kept me warm during a strangely cool afternoon in Scottsdale this week. Two huge thumbs up to this hoodie

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