Eighteen Eves –  Bringing Style to Women’s Golf

Everyone wants comfort when they golf, especially if you’re living in a warmer climate and enjoy golfing year round. So, when I can find a golf clothing brand that sells comfort and style, I am all in. 

Eighteen Eves is an Australia-based women’s golf clothing company that has perfected the art of creating women’s golf fashion that is both stylish and comfortable. Their mission? To bring more fun, femininity and fashion into the women’s golf scene. Honestly, it’s a relief to have a brand that cares about the style and comfort of women golfers and it’s exciting to be part of. 

Today’s women’s golf clothing is really ruled by only a few top companies that dictate what we have to wear while on the course. But, new and up and coming golf brands like Eighteen Eves are a breath of fresh air. The fit is as close to perfect as you can find and the way the Eighteen Eves crew has paid attention to details to get the feminine look just right, is incredibly inspiring to see. 

For someone who cares about fashion, Eighteen Eves has truly given me something to look forward to. In the pictures, I’m wearing the Rainbow Shirt and Skort. The shirt has a nice trim fit and the skort sports a zipper on the side that makes the fit perfect. The feel of the clothing is  quality and sturdy, unlike some clothing that is thin and seems like it doesn’t flatter.  Eighteen Eves has perfected the way the clothes snug the body, but also are free for the movement of golf. And yes, the gloves have the same amazing fit and quality feel. 

I am sporting the Polka Dot Navy White glove in the photos and I have to say, I’m not sure I will ever find a glove that I love more than this one. The fabric makes it feel almost like its part of me when I’m out on the course and doesn’t interrupt the feel of the club. Plus, the Eighteen Eves gloves are fashionable and come in many different styles and colors to match any outfit. 

If you love making a fashion statement on the course without  jeopardizing movement, then this is definitely the brand for you. Lucky for you, I’ve scored an amazing promotion that will only last for one week! This is a great opportunity to share with your friends and family, to also have the chance to win an Eighteen Eves outfit.  


It’s your chance to see what it feels like to head out on the course with Eighteen Eves! Win an outfit by following these steps:

1. Head to the Eighteen Eves website to pick out your favorite style.
2. Leave a comment on my blog with the name of the style you love.
3. Go follow Eighteen Eves on Instagram.

That’s it!  I’ll select a winner on March 20th. Good luck! 

Learn more about Eighteen Eves and shop their collection here. Follow me on Instagram for another chance to win something from Eighteen Eves. 

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