5 Ways to Enjoy the Waste Management Phoenix Open (and What to Wear) 

If there’s one week out of the whole year that I look forward to most, it’s the week of the Waste Management Phoenix Open – also known as the Greatest Show on Grass. This is the one time of year that I know for sure I will see some of my favorite golfers and get to enjoy the sunshine and wonderful smell of the golf course as I watch my favorite sport. 

Well, the week is finally upon us! The tournament kicks off Monday, January 30th and I certainly plan on being in attendance once again. After six years of attending, I think I’ve learned a few things that just may be useful to you. So, here are my tips for everyone who is planning to make it out for this awesome event and what you simply cannot miss. 

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5. Make the Weekday Events
If it’s possible for you to make the weekday events, then do it. The weekend gets very busy and if you’re looking to enjoy the sunshine and atmosphere at the famous 16th hole, then Thursday and Friday are your best bets. Monday and Tuesday are practice rounds and probably the best experience to see your favorite golfers up close and personal. With much fewer crowds and a price of free, if you’re a die-hard golf fan then these days are for you. Wednesday is the Pro-Am, which is always a fun event to watch. I hear Michael Phelps and Mark Wahlberg will be there. Um, sign me up! 

4. The Weather will be Perfect
Scottsdale doesn’t always experience rainy days and cold gusts of wind, but it has been known to encounter this bleak of weather during the WMPO in the past. This year, the weather is looking like it’s going to be sunny and bright, which is in my opinion, the perfect golf spectator weather. Wind will be around 3-5 mph, with highs around 70 degrees for the week. Can you ask for anything better? Keep up with the TPC weather here

3. Bring the Essentials
Thinking of sitting down in the grass for a while? Then, you may want to bring something you can sit on. Collapsible chairs are permitted at the event and I am honestly very jealous of people who have them. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen, wear a hat and bring a light jacket or sweater for the cool mornings and afternoons. You won’t regret any of that! Get more spectator tips from the WMPO here

2. Don’t Wear Heels! 
I feel like this is just a given, but I’ve seen it before. Saturday at the WMPO is THE day to go. It’s like Scottsdale’s greatest gathering of the year and you’ll see a lot of crazy stuff that day. But ladies, nothing is more painful that walking around a hilly and grassy golf course than doing it in heels. You’ll already be exhausted from being on your feet all day. Don’t make it even harder on yourself. 

IMO – here’s what you should wear: 
Cute floral sun dress? Sure! Bring a sweater or light jacket and maybe pair with a sun hat. Wear comfortable, broken in flats or sandals. You may be a little on the chilly side, but beauty is pain right? 

Shorts and a button up. Be colorful. Be fun. Wear flats and you have yourself a fashionable, yet practical outfit. 

Colorful pants or linen pants, a plain v-neck tee, a light sweater and a scarf. Be comfortable and enjoy the day. Elevate your look with some jewelry or a cute hat and you’re all set. 

1. Find the Right Place for You 
One year, we stood at the 10th green in the sun and it was the best experience we’ve had, outside of being in the box seats at the 16th hole. We were able to see all of the approach shots and some awesome putts, all up close. If you love watching golf, then find a place where you can watch everyone come through and do some amazing things. If you’re there to party, because I know there are a lot of people there to party, then find the bars. They set up an awesome line-up of bars, so you don’t have to be put out by all the golfers and the constant pleas for “SILENCE.” 

Extra tip: if you really want to see something cool, find the range. You can watch the golfers warm up and there will most likely not be too big of a crowd around that area. This is one of my favorite things to do and it always has be entranced for at least an hour. 

If you’re going to the WMPO this year, then may you have a magical weekend! Follow me on Instagram, to see what I’ll be up to that week and to follow my Saturday journey! 

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