Swing Caddie SC200 the Best Gift this Holiday Season

I’m not a huge fan of being THAT person at the range with their gadgets. But, I have to say the Swing Caddie is worth it! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, then this is it!

There are some pretty cool features to the Swing Caddie that make it a great tool to take with you to the range. For one, knowing your carry distance is an important part of learning how to play during a round. You need to know distance for accuracy and good decision making.

The Features:

  1. Voice Output: The soothing voice of the Ms. Swing Caddie tells you your distance after each swing.
  2. LCD Display: The display shows you your distance after each shot, including ball speed, swing speed and smash factor.
  3. Different Modes: You can measure for target, practice or random.
  4. Daily and Overall Stats for Each Club: You will get a complete review of your shots for each club individually.
  5. Portability: When you order it online here, you get a nifty carrying case that clips onto your golf bag. It’s light, small and easy to take anywhere.

Many more features can be found here.

Two Key Things to Keep in Mind

  1. The Swing Caddie only measures carry distance. It will not measure the roll out of your ball.
  2. Range balls are never the same quality as standard balls. You probably will not hit the same distance you hit in a true round.  Remember this when you hit the range!

If you’re looking for a good companion to take with you to the range, then this is it! I mean, she talks to you and analyzes every swing. What more could you ask for? 😉

Bonus: Get the Swing Caddie here and save $60!


Let me know what you think of the Swing Caddie in the comments.



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