Golf on a Budget: Getting Cheap Clubs


When I tell people I play golf for fun, I think they have some predisposition about how much money I have. But, let’s be real for a second. I’m a modern day 20-something who bought my first house a year ago and along with my fiance, we are paying for our own wedding. We have plenty of expenses to keep us thinking frugally.

There’s no doubt that golf is an expensive sport. From the clubs to the tee times to even the balls and tees, there is a cost to everything! But, there are great ways you can get involved  without having to break the bank.

How To Find Your Perfect Golf Clubs for Cheap

My first set of clubs was in fact a box set. In fact, my dad was so excited that I had taken up golfing that he offered to pay for them ($250), which included a putter, 6I-PW, 5-hybrid, 3W and driver. This was absolutely a great investment (and would have been even if it was out of my pocket – thanks Dad!) and got me through about a year and a half of learning how to play.

However, as I progressed, one of my rewards for achieving my goal of breaking 100 was to buy myself a new set of clubs. Now, when I say new, I don’t mean completely new. I had been scouring the internet for used clubs that fit my game for months. I read endless reviews and finally decided to search for a set of Cobra Fly-Zs. Fortunately, there were plenty of people on the golf threads of GolfWrx and Ebay who were looking to sell their irons. 

When I decided on these clubs, I headed to a big box retailer to test out their power. I fell in love! 

I paid $100 for my putter about a year prior because that’s one of my most important clubs in my bag and finally, I had completed my iron set for about $250. I do have to say, due to cost, I’ve been playing without a driver. But, it’s on the way soon! (I can go into how a round is affected by playing without a club in another blog.) 

So, let’s say for my entire golf career so far, I’ve spent around $500 on golf clubs (thanks to being able to sell off my box set to a friend just starting out for $100). Not bad seeing as how I will be these Cobra’s for a long time in the future. And, when I get my driver, I’ll be all set with clubs for while. Just be sure to stick to the forums and resale sites. You’ll never go wrong looking for used clubs, as long as their functional. No need to be the person at the range with the new PXGs. Except, I guess it’s pretty awesome to be that person on the range with the new PXGs. 

Next time, I’ll go into how to find affordable tee times. 

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