FORTÈ Golf Balls Review – On the Greens

Have you ever tried a 6 piece golf ball? Maybe not. This golf ball is the world’s first and has some pretty impressive technology to try. The Apex-6 is FORTÈ’s most expensive, yet most intricate design. Between the two balls I took for a spin (pun intended), this was probably the one that I jived with the best. 

The Apex-6 has a lot of feel to it, which is something I look for on the green. Compared to other balls I’ve used, it’s the most compatible with how I like the touch of a lag putt to feel. The ball is soft, but it doesn’t feel dead. There is some hardness to the feel of it that makes me feel confident as it comes off the face of my putter. It helps me keep my head down and feel strong through each putt. I also like that it feels like I’ve actually hit something, unlike softer balls that have the touch of air. 

Around the green? It compares to a top tour ball in terms of green-side spin and feel. 

 So, what makes this ball so unique? Well, it boasts a lot of incredible technology, including: 

  1. P.R.B. High-Energy Core: The high energy core with super-soft and low compression leads to ultimate distance with low spin off the tee.
  2. Soft HPF Resin: The first mantle layer is made by soft and lightning reaction formula for the improved touch and feel.
  3. Mid-Soft HPF Resin: The energy transfer layer is a perfect combination of the first and third layers characteristics.
  4. Toughness HPF Resin: Offering extraordinary control, the third layer has the greatest flexibility and flexural strength. 
  5. Surlyn Lonomer Resin: Resin that is used to aid generating greater spin control around the green.
  6. Cast Urethane Cover: Along with an exclusive patented polyurethane formula that provides excellent spin control around the green along with incredible soft feel.


Who is this ball really good for? It’s probably more apt for a professional golfer or someone who is pretty advanced on the golf course. I personally like it, but a lot of amateurs also prefer Pro V1’s, so that shouldn’t steer you away from trying it. Just keep in mind the cost. 

Learn more and order the APEX6 here

Keep an eye out for my post-round review coming soon. 

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