Tathata Golf $99 Holiday Special

Tathata Gift Membership

Through the end of the year, gift the Tathata Golf Membership at a discount to someone who loves golf! Instead of the normal $200 price tag, you’ll gift all the benefits of the Tathata Golf Membership for one year for only $99! Isn’t that a steal?  You can take advantage of this awesome deal here […]

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Do You Need the Tathata 60 Day Training Program?

Tathata 60 Day

SPECIAL ALERT: Give the gift of the Tathata Golf Membership for only $99! Gift it here. ———————————————————————————— A little over a year ago, I posted an article called the Pros and Cons of the Tathata 60-Day Program. This article was fueled by my love-at-first-lesson for the program and it also helped a lot of people […]

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Recovering your golf game faster after long breaks

Recovering Faster - Clock

About eight years ago, I was a sad, sad college student eating unhealthy and not taking care of myself. So, I made a decision to get to the gym, focus on a nutritious diet and make improvements to my lifestyle. I can safely say that the progress I’ve made over that time has been incredible […]

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Setting Better Expectations for Putting

Do you often go out to the practice green and have this mission to make EVERY putt? Do you swear each time you miss one from 5′ – 7′ and get frustrated with yourself? This inner dialogue you’re creating is probably hurting your putting in the long run. The best thing you can do for […]

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Big Changes Coming to the Tathata Golf Training Program

Hey current Tathata students! I know many of you have found your way to the amazing Tathata program through my blog and social media posts, so I want to share with you some exciting changes that are coming your way…  Here are the fast facts you need to know:  October 24th, 2017, Tathata Golf is […]

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