Camelback Golf Club - Scottsdale, ArizonaHi!  Welcome to the Golfer Babe blog. My name is Amy and I’m an amateur (weekend) golfer and marketer by profession. Since these are my two favorite things – marketing and golfing, the Golfer Babe is my persona that brings it all together.

If you’re a golfer, then you get my obsession. A lot of things revolve around me golfing or watching golf… But, I also love talking about the things that are exciting and new in the industry, including up and coming brands, new clothing, accessories, equipment, lessons and more.

About three years ago, I took my first lesson and it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t easy getting started but, I’m golfing consistently in the low to mid 80s now and I just can’t wait until the next time I’m out on those beautiful fairways.

In addition to my obsession with the game, I also love staying healthy and fit. My blog is a little bit of everything I love and slowly over time I’ve learned how to share those things in a way that sparks conversations. Stick around, read a blog or two and join in the chat on Instagram or in the comments.


Golf Q&A

My favorite course?
Camelback Golf Club – Ambiente Course – Scottsdale, Arizona

My next adventure (hopefully)?
Bandon Dunes – Oregon

My clubs?

My clothing style?

My shoes?
Nikes (always.)

Favorite Tournaments? 
The Waste Management Phoenix Open – It’s in my city and I get to attend every year. Love it!
Also, of course I love the Masters because who doesn’t. I am finally applying to attend this year and crossing my fingers! A lot of people haven’t had luck, but I hope it happens for me soon!

Favorite Food?
Anything new and interesting.

Favorite Season? 
Early Fall, even though it’s still warm in Arizona, I love the change in the sky!

What more would you like to know?

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