The Man Who Taught Me How to Golf


My dad always told me that I inspired him because I never started what I couldn’t finish. In fact, I have a beautiful letter my father wrote to me when I was sixteen years old, commending me for the young woman I had become. My dad wasn’t a man of long, eloquent words. He didn’t […]

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Why Yoga for Golf?

Cat Pose

Yoga for golf is highly underestimated. Personally, these two activities go hand in hand, as a yogi must find a way to channel power, energy and peace and a golfer must find a way to stay safe and have a quality career. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines yoga as “a system of physical postures, breathing techniques, and […]

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Free Waste Management Phoenix Open Tickets 2018

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is here! This is quite arguably the BEST time of year for golf lovers in Arizona. But, there’s always one big question around the tournament. “How do I get free tickets?” Free Waste Management Phoenix Open tickets are not easy to come by, unless you have connections through a company […]

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The First PGA Tournament of the Year: An Exciting 2018 Ahead

Rickie Fowler Hawaiian Shirt

My brain is reeling after the first tournament of the year – the Sentry Tournament of Champions. A lot of exciting things happened during this tournament that not only made this a fantastic start to 2018, but I believe sets up a stellar year for the PGA. Let’s go through the list: Rickie Fowler’s Hawaiian […]

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Tathata Golf $99 Holiday Special

Tathata Gift Membership

Through the end of the year, gift the Tathata Golf Membership at a discount to someone who loves golf! Instead of the normal $200 price tag, you’ll gift all the benefits of the Tathata Golf Membership for one year for only $99! Isn’t that a steal?  You can take advantage of this awesome deal here […]

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